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cunning of the hand that had created it, or to the needs of
the people.

In absolute silence, under the blazing sun, the crowd had
listened, and were listening, to him. Now, mounting to the
close, he was saying that the condition was one that no true
man would longer endure. That it was his firm faith that
God Himself would no longer endure to witness it. Now
was the time for the struggle. The men of Kentucky and
Tennessee had never showed themselves weaklings. Let them
now show fight, and show that they were true sons of their
fathers. Let them support the Association and the Associa-
tion would give them justice.

Upon the word "justice," which seemed to hang in the
hot air for a long instant, vibrating powerfully like a plucked
cord, the Senator slowly raised his right hand in a gesture
that suggested the solemnity of benediction and the incite-
ment of salute. As the hand began, slowly, to descend, the
first spatter of applause broke sporadically from the people
grouped closest to the platform, coming like the first heavy,
individual, tumescent drops exploding upon the dry roof
before the storm breaks in full volume. Then the sound,
mounting, swept back from the platform, over the whole
multitude to the outermost fringe by the fence and on the
stables, involving those distant spectators who could scarcely
have heard the words, swelling outward like fire leaping
through dry brush or waves plunging toward a beach very
far off.

With dignity, the Senator turned and resumed his seat.
Even now he did not show the strain of his effort, or lift a
hand to wipe his face, from which the perspiration was
streaming. His face was perfectly impassive, except for the
sharp and unnatural gleam of his eyes.

Mr. Munn, as the Senator turned to take his seat, saw
Doctor Milton, who was chairman, glance covertly at his
watch. Then Doctor Milton rose and stood quietly behind
the little table while the applause and excitement of the
crowd wore itself out. When it was over, Doctor Milton